Will industrial roofing and cladding increase the lifespan of your property?

Industrial roofing to use flat or low slope roof design, such as built-up roofing, spray foam, modified bitumen, single ply, and metal roofing. There are of course many more types, however, these are widely used in commercial and industrial sectors, providing excellent protection for warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centers, retail stores, and logistics centers.

Why the flat design?

Industrial roofs tend to be flat or have a gradual slope because it means they’re less likely to require a great deal of maintenance. An industrial roof design has several factors to consider like the need of covering a larger area and the weight of equipment located on the roof., which obviously isn’t so much of a concern in the residential sector.

Industrial roofing and cladding

With industrial roofing and cladding solutions, professional roofers will ensure the roof is in the best possible condition, built to last, and the cladding only elevates this longevity, minimizing the need for costly repairs or maintenance. The cladding used on the roof will protect the structural parts of the building from harsh weather damage, leaving buildings open to last longer with little-to-no deterioration in the long run.

Industrial cladding and roofing designs

Roofs designed for industrial properties are made to withstand large weights, extreme weather conditions, and other factors that can reduce their lifespan significantly. Cladding, on the other hand, is specifically designed to increase the lifespan of roofs but also serves as a barrier against any external elements.

Both cladding and roofing are implemented in most industrial properties, with the former used to cover certain parts of the roof while hidden by walls or surrounding structures. As cladding is exposed to all weather conditions, it is susceptible to damage from corrosion, fires, rusting, and harsh weather like heavy rainfalls and snowstorms. Industrial properties need shelter too! The severity of weather conditions requires that your property needs protectants against damages that could affect its structural integrity. Corrosion can invade through unprotected areas like cracks on the wall foundation exposing surfaces beneath them to further damage.

Industrial buildings need long-lasting, robust, and secure solutions!

From roofs, walls, platforms, and other structural components, you can ensure your property is protected from rusting, harmful bacteria growth, and pollutant infiltration with quality cladding and roofing and there are many different types to consider. If you’re unsure of the solution that’s right for your property, it’s best to speak to a team of roofers who specialize in industrial roofing and cladding. They can walk you through the process and ensure that your building is properly protected.