Why Won’t My Light Work?

Something so simple, but can be so confusing to some. Turning on a light in your property is normally just a flick of a switch, but what happens when the switch doesn’t work and your light doesn’t turn on? Some people know how to fix it, others panic not knowing what to do. So, we are going to share two of the reasons why your light may not be working.

Bulb Has Blown
One of the most common reasons for lights to not work when turned on is simply that the bulb has blown. To check this, ensure your light is in the off position, or turn all power off. Then remove the bulb from the light. It will be clear to see if it has blown inside, this should then be replaced with a new bulb and your light should work again.

Break In The Circuit
Your light works on an electrical circuit. Therefore if there is a break in your circuit, your light will not turn on. The break could be anywhere, so if it is not noticeable it may be worth calling out an electrician to fix this for you.