Why are Carteck doors so popular?

If you’re currently searching for a new garage door, it’s highly likely you’ve already heard of the brand Carteck. Their doors are modern, stylish and available in a wide range of styles. The Carteck GSW40 range consists of sectional garage doors that are manufactured in Germany by Teckentrup to a really high standard, and they’ve only grown in popularity over the years. If you’re looking for a door that not only looks good but is built to last and highly reliable, Carteck is one of the finest brands out there. The Carteck GSW40 sectional doors are available in several attractive panel designs – Georgian panelled and Horizontal ribbed being the two hottest designs within the UK – both options are manufactured with 40mm thick, insulated steel panels. 

What’s rather unique is that each panel on the door is completed with a woodgrain texture, which is pressed into the steel, so it doesn’t fade over time. There’s also the choice of a smooth, stucco or micro grain surface finish on most styles for a really different aesthetic effect to the front face of the door.

Carteck garage doors are available during a choice of three finishes – standard paint finish, high-grade laminate woodgrain or polymer paint finish, all leading to a gorgeous, low maintenance and sturdy exterior. We’ve discussed the look of these doors, but what about durability? Well, for peace of mind, they provide a two-year warranty as standard, while you also get a 5-year warranty on a safe and reliable operation. There’s even a ten-year guarantee on the outside finish of the door. The fact that so many people in the UK are buying these doors is a sign of how reliable they are, and you probably only have to walk down the street to find one or a few Cartecks!

These doors offer excellent security as standard with multi latch two-point locking and optional bolts. There are also patented, galvanised, wear-resistant hinges to make the interlocking door panel sections extra secure, with quadruple folded steel in the least hinge fixing points for solid attachment.

Each door panel section is incredibly durable too, with double skinned high strength galvanised steel enclosing a rigid layer of environmentally friendly insulating foam. The door, when closed, is held within the frame and tracks at ten separate points to make sure a stable, tight fit with no apparent gaps for any opportunist thief to take advantage of.

Rubber sealing is standard while the door itself ensures excellent clearance during opening and shutting, so you’re able to utilise every inch of space in your garage, which would not be the case with an up and over door, for example. If you’re interested in buying a new garage door and don’t know where to start, Carteck is one of a few top brands that can deliver the quality, security and style you need.