What is Automotive Engineering?

What is Automotive Engineering? Automotive engineering includes mechanical and structural engineering and requires workers in this field to apply the principles of many scientific disciplines. These include physics, structural design and materials analysis. Automotive engineering jobs also require a solid understanding of the principles of manufacturing and the design of the mechanical system and methods of operation.

The tasks related to automotive engineering include:

– The use of technical skills and computer technology to find ways to build new parts and pieces for vehicle systems, while recognizing environmental problems that affect new designs.

– Create prototypes and find ways to test new products using computer programs and testing them.

– Attending meetings to discuss new technologies and consider concerns or suggestions from others specialists in the field.

– Keep abreast of processes and new techniques and develop new ways to design and create changes.

– Offer solution of engineering problems in all areas of construction vehicles including electric, thermal dynamics, fuselage, and aerodynamics