Using Traffolyte Engraving for Tags and Labels

Traffolyte engraving is a process that is often used in the creation of tags and labels. There are various benefits to using this type of material for engraving, and it is a popular choice. It is also highly customisable and there are many different options available, so whatever you need from Traffolyte engraving processes, it is possible to achieve high quality tags and labels through a highly efficient process. Various different products can be created in this way, which are practical, safe and suited to their various industries.

Many of the products that can be produced through Traffolyte engraving are used for safety purposes, such as protection signs and danger or fire signs. These can make working environments safer and are very important – for this reason, Traffolyte engraving can be very important and useful as a process. It is worth looking into if you

What is Traffolyte engraving and will it be the right option for you?

Traffolyte engraving is the name given to engraving with a particular type of multi-layered laminate, which can be marked and cut for various purposes. The main standout feature of this type of laminate is that it has up to three layers of phenolic laminate, and each layer is a different colour. This makes the engraved letters and shapes a different colour from the parts of the material that have not been engraved, which is how distinctive shapes and designs are created. There are two different thicknesses, 1.6mm and 3.2mm.

There are various colour ranges that are available, including different coloured laminate backgrounds. The choice comes down to you as well as the purpose of the engraving and what it will be used for. For example, some types of engraving will be used for particular types of signs that need to indicate certain things for safety, so this will dictate the colours chosen.

Traffolyte is a very useful material to use because it is very durable and creates a professional finish. It also provides good resistance to water and oxidation, which is why it is favoured by many different sectors.

What can be created using Traffolyte engraving?

Traffolyte engraving is a technique primarily used to create tags and labels. There are many different kinds of nameplates, decals and stickers that it can be suitable for, as well as control fascia panels. Some of the finished products created through this type of engraving include general signage, caution signs (e.g. for chemicals), danger and fire signs, exit signs, protection signs (e.g. helmets required/guards needed) and decorative signage as well.

Traffolyte engraving can be highly effective and cost efficient if you feel this is the best option for you. Discuss your different options with an engraving expert to understand exactly how it works – they may be able to show you an example and talk you through what will happen. If you then want to go ahead you should be able to get a comprehensive quote for the engraving services you require, with the material that you need.