Understanding The Basics of Eyebolts

When working within the lifting industry, it is likely you will of heard of this small item used to assist with lifting, eyebolts. But if you are new to this industry, you may not know what these are and why they should be used. This is why we are sharing a basic understanding of this item, giving you all the information you need.

What Are They?

An eyebolt is fairly simple to understand what it is. It is a type of bolt with a simple loop at one end. It can be screwed in to different materials with a screw style on the opposite end to the loop. These can also be known as eyelets. You can find these being used for various lifting applications, and can sometimes pivot or swival in place. You will find they are securely attached to a point, with rope of the lifting mechanism threaded through them to help assist with the lifting process.

What Are The Benefits?

Another aspect we want to discuss with you are the main benefits you will find when using eyebolts.

One of the main benefits of this piece of equipment is that it comes in a variety of different styles and materials. This makes it possible for them to have a range of uses. They will be able to attach to different materials and help lift a variety of different weight limits. This means you are not going to be limited to what your eyebolt can manage.

Another benefit is going to follow on from the previous one, lifting capability. Depending on what material you choose for your eye bolt to be made from, will depend on the lifting capability. But they can manage up to 24000lbs, but this will depend on the lifting equipment capability alongside the eyebolt itself.

Finally a eyebolt does bring extra safety to your lifting equipment. It makes it less likely for damage to occur and for your lifting to go off track. Safety is something every business should prioritise, so making this small investment should be ideal.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Of course to gain a basic understanding you are also going to want to think about disadvantages.

As we mentioned before, eyebolts do come in a variety of different styles, made from a variety of materials. Now this does mean there will be some cheaper budget options out there. But if you choose the budget option, you will find this does not last as long and will need replacing sooner than other options. This can make even the budget options expensive with the regular replacements needed.

Another disadvantage is that it can make a stationary lifting point. This is not ideal for every scenario as it means your lifting station is fixed to one point. This may make lifting items more challenging in some scenarios when you need more flexibility in your station.


So, that’s it when it comes to the basic of eyebolts. They do offer great lifting assistance. But we do recommend you invest in higher quality options to ensure you are getting the best product.