Maximising The Battery Life Of Power Tools

Many power tools use battery packs in order to keep them powered. It’s possible to improve the lifespan and battery life of power tools by keeping their battery packs in good condition.

Maintaining A Battery Pack

Battery packs are often charged on some kind of charge station, or directly plugged into a mains power supply. These charge stations often charge the battery to 100% capacity, the same is true if the power tool is plugged directly into the mains.

To improve the life span of a battery pack it’s recommended to not charge the battery to 100%, but to around 85-95%. Charging the battery to 100% can cause it to lose cycles, and as a result lose power capacity. So charging to around 90% can actually increase the cycles, maintaining it’s power capacity over long periods of time.

When a battery is charged to 100% it reaches the constant voltage section. When the battery reaches this stage, it begins to pool the last 10 to 11% of power capacity, causing the charge curve to flatten off.