Improving your cordless drills battery life

Drills are an essential tool in many industries, and having them cordless is an added bonus. Cordless drills have many benefits, but one thing that seems to crop up as an issue, is the battery life.

Cordless drill usually requires their battery to be charged in a separate charging station. You have to remove the battery from the dill and place it into the docking station for it to be charged. These docking stations usually have the space to charge more than one battery, meaning you can have a spare ready to use when your first battery has run out.

The best way to help improve your drills battery life is to not charge it to 100%, this can cause it to loose cycles and lower its power capacity. Like many, you may put your drill batteries on charge overnight and collect them fully charged the next day. This method is not beneficial to the drills battery life as they should only be charged for the required time and never any more.