How To Know If My House Needs Rewiring

When purchasing a property, it is easy to consider purchasing properties that are at a lower price point that may require some work. But how can you know if a new property you are investing in will need rewiring?

Here are some signs that you should look out for that will show you your home could need rewiring.

1- Moving To An Older Property
If you are moving to an older property, you will likely need to rewire the property. This is because the ways of electrical engineering have changed over time. Meaning it may not be deemed safe the way older properties have been wired.

2- Discoloured Sockets or Switches
If your sockets or switches are becoming discoloured, for example, brown patches appearing. You should highly consider rewiring your home. Discolouration can be a sign of small electrical fires taking place behind your switches or sockets. This can be from a simple loose connection, but should not be ignored.

3- Consistent Burning Smell
If you can smell a burning smell consistently when using the electricity in your home you should rewire the property immediately. This is a clear sign that issues are going on behind the scenes that need to be dealt with. This smell will be showing issues occurring behind the scenes that need to be dealt with before they make themselves known in a large house fire.

4- Flickering Lights
If the lights in the property are beginning to flicker, this is a sign they may need rewiring. Again this can be a simple loose connection, or be a sign of a more serious problem. You should always investigate and solve the problem before it becomes something major.

If you are not sure about rewiring your property, or whether it truly needs to be rewired. Call out your local electrical engineer and they will be happy to check your home and help make it a safe place to live.