How to Choose the Size of a Nitrogen Generator

For companies that rely on compressed gas to operate the machines, on-site generation of gas is more economical and a good strategy to cut costs. Once you choose nitrogen generation around your business premises, you will need to choose the generator that is most appropriate for you. The generator should keep your business operating efficiently, and make sure you get all the benefits of generating nitrogen in your premises instead of any other place.

If you buy your generator from professional suppliers, they will be able to recommend the best type of generator for your business. You will need to give them information that will be crucial in them recommending the generator for you.

The Current Source of Nitrogen

They will want to know your source of nitrogen. You will inform them whether you are using bulk liquid nitrogen, high-pressure cylinders or liquid dewars. The use of nitrogen generator will eliminate the need for using bulk liquid nitrogen; however, you need to consider the contract with the suppliers. Most suppliers of bulk liquid nitrogen have a contract with their clients therefore before shifting to on-site nitrogen generation; you need to consider the contract.

Flow Rate – High or Low Usage

You will need to inform the professional how many high-pressure cylinders you use in a week. This information will guide them on the amount you use per hour. The standard way of rating nitrogen generators is standard cubic feet per hour (scfh). If you are not able to determine this number, the professional will help you get the information.


You should be able to determine what amount of oxygen that can be used in your facility. Meet with technicians in your company and inform them of how to incorporate oxygen into the system and determine the importance in the processes. Generators that use more oxygen lead to higher savings and are a cheaper source of energy. If your equipment can accommodate regular grade gas, there is no need to continue using super grade gas.


You will need to determine the actual pressure at the point usage. Most high-pressure cylinders are rated at 2200 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). However, most companies recommended the pressure be less than 100 psig. If the nitrogen is being used for blanketing, the pressure can be lower.

Availability of Compressed Air

One question the professional will ask you is whether there is compressed air in your facility. If the compressed air exists in your facility, you will need to determine its pressure so that they can determine which nitrogen generator is best for your business. You will also need to identify the type of air dryer in your premises. Is it Desiccant or Refrigerated style?


For the professional to help you get the right size generator for your business, you will need to tell them where you want the equipment installed. If it is indoors, what conditions will the generator be exposed to in winter and summer. You need to tell them how the generator will be sheltered from rain or snow in winter.