Fireplace and Stove Terminology Explained

Sh Pan – A metal try that is designed to catch ash as it is burnt in the fireplace or stove. Often found in fireplaces that use solid fuel.

Bars – These sit at the front of a fireplace or stove to keep the coal or wood falling out of the front.

Chimney Liner – A Stainless steel pipe inserted into the length of chimney to carry smoke away in an efficient manner.

Builders Opening – The opening dimensions in the chimney breast to allow the fitting of the fireplace into the chimney.

Clearance – A Clearance is the measurement which is needed to install items.


Air Vent – A small grill placed in the wall of a room. This is allows air to travel and replace the air in use by the fireplace or stove. Not all stoves require one but many do.

Building Regulations – These are legally binding regulations that state what can and can’t be done by law to a building.