Electric Chain Hoists – A Guarantee to Increase Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs

The electric chain hoist serves as an advancement in technology that guarantees increased productivity and a significant reduction of operating costs. This is clearly evident from the fact that A 1 ton chain is able to handle the work of several workers in a fraction of the time. The only thing which is required is a guide and an operator in order to significantly streamline any available work.

Relevance of the electric chain hoist in increasing productivity

An electric chain hoist is designed in such a manner that it only requires a single person to operate it and an additional person to help guide whoever is controlling the machine. Previously, prior to the debut of chain hoists, this labor used to be done manually by dozens of employees specifically hired to assist lift the loads using manual hoists. This in turn led to the inclusion of several people on the payroll besides the fact that the lifting task at hand would take longer than anticipated not to mention the significant increase in the likelihood of muscle strain or physical injuries amongst the employees. This would in turn result into a slightly higher insurance cost apart from the risk of worker’s compensation claims.

Good news is, with an electric chain hoist, not only are you guaranteed having very few employees on the payroll, the task at hand will take the least possible amount of time plus the risk of workers experiencing any form of injuries will have significantly been reduced. All of this collectively helps significantly increase the overall productivity of your operation while at the same time reducing operating expenses.

Key considerations to take into account when shopping for an electric chain hoist

When out shopping for an electric chain hoist, it is important to note that in case you do not have any experience, you might easily get tricked into buying a machine which is very expensive and completely not relevant to the task which you may be preparing to use it for. This being the case, below is an overview of some of the things which you should take into serious consideration next time you set out to buy electric chain hoist.

  1. First off, take time to familiarize yourself with the following details about the hoist that you are interested in buying. They include: its height of the lift, its distance from the level of the load to the lifting beam on which the hoist is fix on etc other things to take into serious consideration include the method of suspension, the hoists rated capacity as well as its horizontal travel.
  2. Next, find out the voltage of the electric chain hoist keeping in mind the fact that single phase units tend to be a little more costly since they are designed to help transfer power more efficiently throughout the machine.
  3. The head room is equally important when you will be using the hoist in lift loads hence you should equally take some time to find out the allowance it provides as this will help make sure that you have the best hook path distance to handle the loads below.

Simply put, taking into consideration all of the above, as long as your business involves heavy lifting, streamline your operation by making the decision to buy electric chain hoist since besides reducing your business expenses, it will increase work efficiency.