Civil Engineering

What is a Civil Engineer?
A civil engineer is a type of engineer. They focus on design and construction of buildings and other bigger items. On average a civil engineer will earn between £24,000 and £80,000 this is depending on your experience and skills.

How To Become A Civil Engineer?
There are many different ways which you can become a civil engineer. The most popular choices are studying a degree at University or studying a HND at college. Another option is to conduct an apprenticeship for this. Working with a company and studying at the same time.

Day To Day Tasks
There are many tasks which a civil engineer will need to complete throughout their working days. These include; planning projects with clients, creating blue prints, conducting risk assessments and keeping track of all progress to name a few.

Key Skills
Some of the main key skills a civil engineer will need include; good communication, attention to detail, creative and good time management.