Civil Engineering – Urban Planning

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering which can be broken up into several distinct disciplines; architectural engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, water resources engineering, and a lot more. Civil engineering is involved in a lot of big engineering roles, like with the construction of bridges, roads, canals and a lot more. Any one of these will require a number of civil engineers, from multiple engineering disciplines, so that you can correctly account for all of the variables which may effect the build project, and the structural integrity of the construction going forward.  A civil engineer will focus largely on city and urban planning, where they will try to make sure that the residents have everything they need in order to function as a society. This would include a study on an ideal appropriation of space, so that they have enough space for living, recreation, water and food, and whatever else they consider necessary. With the massive growth in urban populations within the developing world the demand for high quality of civil engineers remains high overseas, while still having a respectable demand here at home. This is why it makes for an ideal career option going forward.