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Bearings: How do they serve to reduce friction and allow for smoother rotation?

In order for a wheel to rotate, it needs to move. In order for a wheel to move, it must be connected to an axle. However, the axle also needs to be able to rotate – but how can something constantly rotating constantly moving? A bearing! Bearings are a piece of technology that allow axles and wheels (and other objects) constantly rotating constantly moving, allowing them do their jobs with ease and without getting worn down. Bearings come in two varieties: rolling-element bearings and plain bearings. Rolling-element bearings use components that can roll easily, such as ball bearings or roller bearings, while plain bearings contain static components which only support lateral movement. There are many different types of both rolling-element bearings and plain bearings; examples include ball bearing, roller bearing... Read More »

All About Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the most common types of engineering around,. The types that when someone says they’re an engineer you will think of. Electrical engineering is essentially an electrician but there is much more to it. Today, we are going to share with you some facts about electrical engineering that you may not know. Electrical engineering focuses upon the study, design and application of electrical equipment. This includes things like computers, televisions, gaming console and lighting. Anything that is powered by electricity is designed and made by electrical engineers. Electrical Engineering has been divided into a wide ranger of sectors so people can focus highly upon learning one area rather than them all. Some of the sectors include computer engineering, electronics and signal processing to name a few.... Read More »

Electric winches are widely seen as essential lifting equipment!

In the last decade or so, electric winches have developed from basic machine drive systems to be more complex machines with considerable power output and lifting capacity. The development of high-power-density electric motors has been a key factor in this process, as they allow for the increase in performance that is an essential requirement for modern production facilities. The electric winch is one particular component that has evolved considerably in recent years. They make light work of lifting heavy items. Load capacities range from 3,500kg to more than 15,000kg. The electric winch is an electrically powered machine that can be used for lifting and lowering loads in construction yards or on building sites. They are typically mounted on a boom (a telescopic arm), which makes them able to extend up... Read More »

what is the history of the bearing?

The first rolling-element bearing was invented in Nuremberg, Germany by Peter Henlein (1504–1558). Rolling-element bearings are the most common type of bearings used today. Other types include a plain bearing, an elastic bearing that uses a spring to support objects under load; and fluid bearings which use fluids such as oil or water instead of grease. the bearing is such an important item in so many everyday things. Many engineers don’t know it but they would be lost without rolling element bearings. Almost everything around you has at least one small part that includes this technology. For example, modern cars have over 12 different bearings on each wheel alone. They are usually hidden away out of sight so they don’t get shown off like other features. But they do so... Read More »

Using Traffolyte Engraving for Tags and Labels

Traffolyte engraving is a process that is often used in the creation of tags and labels. There are various benefits to using this type of material for engraving, and it is a popular choice. It is also highly customisable and there are many different options available, so whatever you need from Traffolyte engraving processes, it is possible to achieve high quality tags and labels through a highly efficient process. Various different products can be created in this way, which are practical, safe and suited to their various industries. Many of the products that can be produced through Traffolyte engraving are used for safety purposes, such as protection signs and danger or fire signs. These can make working environments safer and are very important – for this reason, Traffolyte engraving can... Read More »