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Different Types Of Wrenches

There are many different types of wrenches which any engineer should own and know the uses for. We are going to look into some of these today. They all have different uses which you may not know. Box end wrenches are handy to have. These give a nice firm grip on nuts and bolts. Super handy for the ones which are tougher. Adjustable wrenches are exactly what their name says, a wrench which is adjustable. These are handy as they can adjust to different sizes to fit different nuts and bolts. They are also a lower cost, so much more affordable. Finally, open-end wrenches. This type of wrench has a flat jaw. Making it easier to grip onto nuts and bolts in tight spaces. They tend to have two ends... Read More »

What are the essential tools for a home workshop?

If you are keen to start doing more DIY at home or fancy getting creative in making some woodwork items, then its important to have the right tools at hand for the job. We have outlined a few of those essential tools for your home workshop: Miter saw- This is an essential tool item, an easy and safe way to cut wood and get the perfect angles on joinery work too. Nail gun- Nail guns are a quick and easy way to join your wood with a nail, saving you hammering each one by hand. A nail gun is a lot faster making your work more efficient. Sander- Essential for keeping the wood smooth and sanding away any lumps, leaving a smooth perfect finish to your work. Jigsaw- This handy... Read More »

Why are Carteck doors so popular?

If you’re currently searching for a new garage door, it’s highly likely you’ve already heard of the brand Carteck. Their doors are modern, stylish and available in a wide range of styles. The Carteck GSW40 range consists of sectional garage doors that are manufactured in Germany by Teckentrup to a really high standard, and they’ve only grown in popularity over the years. If you’re looking for a door that not only looks good but is built to last and highly reliable, Carteck is one of the finest brands out there. The Carteck GSW40 sectional doors are available in several attractive panel designs – Georgian panelled and Horizontal ribbed being the two hottest designs within the UK – both options are manufactured with 40mm thick, insulated steel panels.  What’s rather unique... Read More »

Bearing Inserts – Topic Overview

When it comes to choosing the right bearing, there are many options and possibilities one can go for. Of course, there are many benefits to having different options to go for, but on the other hand, offers a challenge in keeping track of them and knowing which part does what. Bearing inserts is one of many different products you will get on the market. However, what are bearing inserts? What benefits do they bring? Well, the truth is that there is a lot to learn about these products, and we have covered the main ones in the article. What Are Bearing Inserts? Bearing inserts can be described or defined as bearings that are radially adapted. They are highly used in mounted part applications in areas such as food processing, printing,... Read More »

How dangerous are metal laser cutters?

Metal laser cutters sound incredibly scary and we would certainly advise that you learn how to use these machines from attending professional training courses, however, when you understand how they work and the output they deliver, you’ll be better equipped to use these machines safely, so as long as you put in the time to research and understand these machines, the safer they will seem. That said, any metal laser cutter is designed to slice through metals with ease, and that can be rather intimidating, and these machines are built to operate quickly and efficiently, so you should be very clued up on safety measures and the smartest processes before you even attempt to use one. Laser fumes According to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, laser beams are hazardous... Read More »