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Common Air Compressor Problems and How to Deal with them

Air compressors are very useful machines that turn power generated by an electric motor into pressurised air the pressurised has several applications. Just Like all machines, compressors occasionally experience faults that cause undesirable operation, or in extreme cases, complete failure. At such desperate times, you need to have it checked by a specialized technician. There are however, certain problems that you can handle on your own, especially the faults that involve identifying and replacing the failed air compressor parts. However, always keep in mind that the pressurised tank poses a huge hazard if ruptured. All complex repairs that involve tampering with the pressure line should only be handled, preferably by skilled professionals. Compressor Does Not Turn on When you compressor does not turn on even when plugged in, the most... Read More »

Civil Engineering – Improving Public Services and Facilities

Civil engineering is all about improving public services and facilities, and the work of these engineeres is clear to see on a daily basis. The bus or train station you visit the coffee you drink in the morning and the car park you use when you go shopping has all had some input from civil engineers. They’re essentially working to make out lives easier and it’s up to them to help the country save money, using sustainable energy to design and build everyday products, bridges, roads, railways, and tunnels. Without civil engineers there would be lack of caution in society, perhaps no constant supply of fresh water and energy, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular areas of engineering. There are many good career prospects with civil engineering,... Read More »

Civil Engineering – Urban Planning

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering which can be broken up into several distinct disciplines; architectural engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, water resources engineering, and a lot more. Civil engineering is involved in a lot of big engineering roles, like with the construction of bridges, roads, canals and a lot more. Any one of these will require a number of civil engineers, from multiple engineering disciplines, so that you can correctly account for all of the variables which may effect the build project, and the structural integrity of the construction going forward.  A civil engineer will focus largely on city and urban planning, where they will try to make sure that the residents have everything they need in order to function as a society. This would include a study... Read More »