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Improve the safety within a commercial setting with colour coded signs and labels

Workplace safety should be every employer’s concern. It is indeed the duty and obligation of every employer to ensure that their workers are safe from any possible harm whilst working. The UK’s occupational health and safety laws clearly define this obligation. According to the Health and Safety Act of 1974, employees are mandated “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work” of all their employees. In regards to workplace safety, there are different hazards, which may potentially harm employees. Examples of these include moving machines parts, processors, falling objects, gas cylinders, chemicals, explosives, heating tanks, steam, cold rooms, slippery floors, and forklifts among others. As an employer or anyone in charge of workers at a commercial setting, you must do all you can... Read More »

The Advantages Of Assembly Line Production

The process of assembly line production revolutionised the way that many products are made. It is an efficient way of making a great number of finished goods, with disadvantages, but a great many advantages too. For manufactures, assembly line styles of production offer many benefits. For example, assembly lines allow for quick and easy assembly of products throughout all stages of production. There are no complex stages that are required for an assembly line to work, components are fitted together in simple stages to create a final product. This means the work can be carried out with little training, or even automated by robots. This keeps costs at a minimum and overall complexity of production down. Using an assembly line means that any maintenance and replacement of parts can be easily done.... Read More »

Important Things To Assess When Seeking an Engineering Supplier

When seeking an engineering supplier, one of the first things that should be assessed are the kind of supplies that are needed. What tools will be required? What kind of materials will be needed, and in what quantities? These are important things to consider and get right, understanding exactly whats needed in advance is a crucial part of any engineering project. Once the type of supplies have been determined, the next question is where should they be purchased from. A big determining factor in this is if the supplier is located overseas or a domestically. There are advantages and disadvantages for each so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons depending on the requirements of the project. Here are several examples: Domestic suppliers have higher manufacturing quality and labor standards. It’s... Read More »

Managing Time Zones In A Global Business

With the advent of the internet and its effect on the global market, never has the need for companies to manage work in different time zones been so apparent. Smart companies embrace this by allowing their employees greater flexibility in when they work. This allows for more work to be taken on, but it also means that the guarantee of Saturday and Sunday weekends becomes a thing of the past. This type of working philosophy means that an employee who needs to work during the night or on a weekend, might not need to work during the day. They can spend that time instead with their family or pursue other goals they might have. However this can also mean that work is put upon employees unexpectedly due to the nature of working as and when... Read More »