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Improve the safety within a commercial setting with colour coded signs and labels

Workplace safety should be every employer’s concern. It is indeed the duty and obligation of every employer to ensure that their workers are safe from any possible harm whilst working. The UK’s occupational health and safety laws clearly define this obligation. According to the Health and Safety Act of 1974, employees are mandated “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work” of all their employees. In regards to workplace safety, there are different hazards, which may potentially harm employees. Examples of these include moving machines parts, processors, falling objects, gas cylinders, chemicals, explosives, heating tanks, steam, cold rooms, slippery floors, and forklifts among others. As an employer or anyone in charge of workers at a commercial setting, you must do all you can... Read More »

Improving your cordless drills battery life

Drills are an essential tool in many industries, and having them cordless is an added bonus. Cordless drills have many benefits, but one thing that seems to crop up as an issue, is the battery life. Cordless drill usually requires their battery to be charged in a separate charging station. You have to remove the battery from the dill and place it into the docking station for it to be charged. These docking stations usually have the space to charge more than one battery, meaning you can have a spare ready to use when your first battery has run out. The best way to help improve your drills battery life is to not charge it to 100%, this can cause it to loose cycles and lower its power capacity. Like... Read More »

How Mechanics and Surveyors Contribute to Construction Projects

Heavy equipment mechanics, as well as surveyors are highly valued on construction jobs. Not only do they contribute to the repair and maintenance of construction equipment but they provide knowledge of many different machines, which provides useful feedback when deciding which one is best suited to each task. Mechanics and Surveyors Skilled mechanics are essential when using complex machinery. If these tools break down or are in need of some kind of adaptation, without the ability to install or repair them the work is guaranteed to come to a complete standstill. Surveyors make use of there expert knowledge in linear and angular measurements to work out the optimal geography of a project. This includes understanding what the terrain boundaries are required for the construction work, so the project area can... Read More »

Fireplace and Stove Terminology Explained

Sh Pan – A metal try that is designed to catch ash as it is burnt in the fireplace or stove. Often found in fireplaces that use solid fuel. Bars – These sit at the front of a fireplace or stove to keep the coal or wood falling out of the front. Chimney Liner – A Stainless steel pipe inserted into the length of chimney to carry smoke away in an efficient manner. Builders Opening – The opening dimensions in the chimney breast to allow the fitting of the fireplace into the chimney. Clearance – A Clearance is the measurement which is needed to install items.   Air Vent – A small grill placed in the wall of a room. This is allows air to travel and replace the air in use by the fireplace or stove.... Read More »