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How Do Bearings Help In Engineering?

When it comes to engineering machinery, it is likely that you have heard about all the different kinds of bearings that you are going to be using and will more than likely need to replace over time. But how are these helping us? Essentially, a bearing is being used to help prevent metal-on-metal contact. This means the machinery you have spent a lot of money purchasing is going to last you longer. The bearing inserted into the piece of machinery is going to help prevent the metal inside from wearing down. Of course, the bearing will break over time, so the machine wearing down could occur. As long as you keep on top of bearing replacement in your engineering machinery, they will provide you with exceptional help and assistance. Replacements... Read More »

Advantages of Thermoplastic Bearings

There are many different types of bearings, with them all coming with their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we are going to look into the advantages of Thermoplastic Bearings. Sharing with you the main reasons why you may choose to use this type of bearing. Corrosion FreeOne of the main benefits of thermoplastic bearings is that they are corrosion free. Meaning they will last longer as the amount of damage they receive by corrosion is considerably less if not completely eliminated. If you are looking to use longer lasting bearings, thermoplastic bearings will be one of the best choices for you. Low WeightThermoplastic bearings weigh much less than other bearings of the same kind. This is due to the material that they are made from being more lightweight. This is... Read More »