Bearing Inserts – Topic Overview

When it comes to choosing the right bearing, there are many options and possibilities one can go for. Of course, there are many benefits to having different options to go for, but on the other hand, offers a challenge in keeping track of them and knowing which part does what.

Bearing inserts is one of many different products you will get on the market. However, what are bearing inserts? What benefits do they bring? Well, the truth is that there is a lot to learn about these products, and we have covered the main ones in the article.

What Are Bearing Inserts?

Bearing inserts can be described or defined as bearings that are radially adapted. They are highly used in mounted part applications in areas such as food processing, printing, unique machinery, gym equipment, car washes, textile equipment, and agriculture. In most cases, bearing inserts are sold together with its housing. However, you can get standalone products as well.

Bearing Features may include:

• Bearing housing that has been made of either stainless steel, pressed steel, thermoplastic, or cast iron. There are also other options, such as zinc or nickel.
• Excellent load bearing radial ball bearing
• Efficient re-greasing through Zerk fitting
• Anti-rotation pin, which reduces bearing outside diameter rotation

The Benefits Bearing Inserts Offer

There are many benefits of using insert bearings. These benefits are due to its excellent construction and features available. Some of the benefits include:

• Long service life
• Easy to replace
• Offer increased productivity
• Noise and vibration reduction features
• Convenience in terms of a wide variety of applications
• Used in stronger and heavier applications

Remember, the look of bearing inserts is not different from other types of bearings. That is because there are many different kinds of variations available on the market. examples include:

• Grub screws
• Locking collar and others

Product Specifications

If you want to order some bearing inserts, then it is wise to know exactly what you will be getting. Below is a quick way of running down on the specifications:

• First, you have to note that different bearings are made with different types of metals such as chrome steel, stainless steel. There are those that are made from zinc or nickel-plated metals.

• The different ways available for locking the bearing, which often can be eccentric locking collar. Set screw locking collar, or squeeze style collar

• Those used for a normal application have metal shroud shield. Those intended for harsh environments have triple lip seals.